30A Suites Boutique Hotel in Santa Rosa Beach.

Good Weather, Great Times

30-A Suites is fortunate to be located in one of the most spectacular communities in the country, Santa Rosa Beach!

The summer is still roaring along, plastering smiles on the faces of our locals and guests alike!

What are you doing for fun this summer? This is the best time, you get to enjoy things you might not get to do during other times of the year!

Have you had a cookout and enjoyed a freshly grilled hamburger with all the sides? Have you had a slice of iced cold watermelon or fresh corn on the cob? Have you had homemade ice cream or watched the fireworks?

TopSailParkWhat is your favorite summer activity? Here in Santa Rosa Beach “summer” lasts a little longer than other areas. When the seasons change and fall arrives for many that means changing leaves and cooler temperatures. Here in Santa Rosa Beach we are still enjoying warmer temperatures and sunny days.

Maybe you should take advantage of our “extended summers” here in Santa Rosa Beach. If you don’t make it here for a summer vacation the fall is an excellent time to come here.

Fall is not as busy as summer and is a great time to take advantage of 30-A Suites. If you’re unable to make it here during the summer, you can still have a phenomenal time during the fall. Call us direct for fall rates and availability.

FeetInTheSandSummer pleasures can be enjoyed here most of the year. Whether it’s riding a roller coaster or enjoying a snow cone you can take advantage of the summer activities in the panhandle for many months!

Come to Santa Rosa Beach, build sandcastles, walk the beach, visit our shops and restaurants and enjoy relaxing and getting away from your troubles at home.

Call us today for more information 850-499-5058.

Photo Credit: Images courtesy of SoWal.com