30A Suites Boutique Hotel in Santa Rosa Beach.
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Have Fun And Be Safe

Another gorgeous sunny day here at 30-A Suites in Santa Rosa Beach.

We count ourselves among the very blessed here at 30-A Suites.  If you spend a few days, week or month with us here we think you will feel the same way.

There’s nothing like starting the day with the sea breeze in your nose and a fresh cup of coffee in your hand.

Everyone gets excited about getting some time in on the sand but keep in mind the peak hours of the sun are around 11am-4pm. Even if you are trying to get that golden tan, remember to use sunscreen. The rays are extremely strong and can be harmful if you don’t take precautions.

That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy these hours in the sun it means you have to be wise and use caution.  Protect your skin as you only have one!!  Some wear sun hats as well.

Just remember it is very easy to suffer a painful sunburn if you’re not careful.

Even if it’s a little overcast out, remember to stay hydrated. It doesn’t have to be a scorcher out to make you sweat and that fluid loss adds up quickly. Stay refreshed by drinking lots of cool water and keep it coming.

30-A Suites is a lovely boutique hotel here in Santa Rosa Beach. We are unique, like you, and that is how we like it. Enjoy the individuality of our fully equipped and tastefully decorated units that are designed with your comfort in mind.

Its a great time for a vacation getaway and we are your home away from home. Be sure to come see us soon for the time of your life.

30-A Suites can be reached by calling 850-499-5050. Call us today and we’ll make sure there’s a room ready and waiting for you.