Making Memories at 30A Suites

Vacations are a special time for families.

It's a great time to bond with your children without the distractions of work and school.  It's also a great time to revitalize your relationship with your spouse.

In fact, it's a great time to make memories at 30-A Suites.

Making memories is simple.  Play games together.  Swim together. Go to the beach together, look for shells.  Go for long walks at the beach.

Take a lot of pictures of your vacation.  The vacation pictures will be shared for years to come.  As your children grow up they will want to look back at the special times you have experienced together as a family.

Have you a special meal that your family enjoys preparing together?  How about each member of the family make a special contribution to the meal.  Have one child make a salad, another make a vegetable, another a dessert, as you and your spouse prepare the main course.  Share conversations about what you are doing and enjoy the experience together.

Really, making memories doesn’t have to be complicated.

Let each one of your children plan an activity for the family to do.  Allow them to look at websites and find out the costs for the activity.  Let them figure the cost, the times, etc  and plan an event.

Simple ideas can make for the best family times together.  Make sure to include everyone and keep the cameras loaded for easy picture taking.

Come find out why 30-A Suites is the place for your family to be this vacation.  Call us today at 850-499-5058.

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