Save The Sea Turtles!

Save the Sea Turtles this Holiday!

Although Sea Turtle Nesting Season is over for 2017, has a great way to help the people who work hard all year to protect these magnificent sea creatures.

A Great Christmas Gift!

In honor of the South Walton Turtle Watch organization’s upcoming 22nd anniversary, is selling special turtle shirts for only $19.95 to clear inventory for new turtle style ideas and to raise funds for this worthwhile effort. As always, 20% of shirt sales benefits Turtle Watch efforts.

Founded in 1995, the Turtle Watch volunteers locate endangered and threatened sea turtle nests and protect them during the crucial nesting and hatching season from May 1st through October 31st.

Sea turtles are protected by the Endangered Species Act and only those with special permits are allowed to touch nests, eggs, turtles or hatchlings. Volunteers must complete many hours of advanced training before walking the beaches.

Starting in 2015, Friends of South Walton Turtle Watch began to focus on fundraising and community awareness events and efforts.

Turtles Have Nested on 30A for millions of years! Female Sea Turtles born on our white sand beaches always return to nest on the same beach.

Turtle tracks here are different and the temperature of our sand, which stays much cooler to the touch, also produces more males than females – making protection of the homecoming females all the more important!

The Green Sea Turtle and Loggerhead are the most common species along 30A.

Here at 30-A Suites we implore our guests to share the beach with these aquatic neighbors by leaving it clean when you come in for the evening. It is also important to leave no holes or hills of sand that could obstruct the mother turtle’s path! When hatchlings emerge, it is also imperative to turn off lights near the beach that can disorientate baby turtles as they crawl to the sea for the first time.

Want to learn more about or help support sea turtles along 30A? Ask our knowledgeable staff at 30-A Suites to help you find out more during your stay or visit

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photo credit: MyFWCmedia via photopin cc

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