30A Suites Boutique Hotel in Santa Rosa Beach.
Sailing in Santa Rosa Beach while staying at 30-A Suites.

Savor The Flavor

This is a fantastic time to be in Santa Rosa Beach!

If you’re a beach lover, the water is nice and cool, the sun is peaking out and people are starting to flock to the beach more and more but the crowds are still low…for now.

If you like to fish then you may have just found heaven, or at least where you’ll want to spend your retirement! There’s plenty of action for you find on the water. Whether you choose to go deep sea or just troll around the area there’s a large variety of fish for you to catch.

If you aren’t the best at cleaning fish and want to make sure it’s done right then there are places you can actually take your catch and they’ll prepare it for you. Fisherman’s Wharf and AJs Seafood & Oyster Bar in Destin will actually do the work for you while you sit back and enjoy a nice beverage and take in the sights. Not a bad way to get rewarded for your efforts!

If you want to clean and cook the fish yourself then you can with your fully equipped kitchen at 30A Suites. It might not be as entertaining but it can be just as delicious!

Don’t forget that there are numerous charters around that take you out for a whole day on the water. You have the option of sharing the boat with others or if you have enough people you can rent out the whole boat. Either way you’ll be with people who are enjoying the same thing you are so you’re going to have a blast!

If you get really lucky you might get the added bonus of the dolphins!

They are really friendly and seldom do they get shy around people so don’t be surprised if you see them playing nearby. Watching them makes you feel young at heart.

These are just a few reasons on why so many come visit us year after year. Book your stay today at 30A Suites and see why we’re the number one boutique hotel in the Panhandle.

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