30A Suites Boutique Hotel in Santa Rosa Beach.
30-A Suites is your unique boutique hotel in Santa Rosa Beach.

Your Boutique Hotel Awaits!

Do you enjoy sun kissed white beaches surrounded by emerald green waters? Are you seeking a retreat from the hustle and bustle of your daily routine? Tired of scraping ice, shoveling snow and battling the cold?

If so, perhaps you need to take a look at 30-A Suites here in beautiful Santa Rosa Beach.

We are the retreat you are seeking.

Our suites are comfortably and elegantly designed for peace and relaxation. We are a “boutique” hotel. What does that mean?

One aspect of a boutique hotel is that it is typically small. No more than 100 rooms or no less than 10 rooms, which would make it more of a Bed and Breakfast. The size lends a sense of intimacy and comfort that you don’t find in larger hotels.

A boutique hotel tries to be independent from others, set apart, unique. A boutique hotel is not generic, not just like the others, and that is how they want it to be.

A boutique hotel has its own strength in image, tasteful, elegant touches throughout.

Perhaps one of a kind artistic decor is used, not systematically throughout but each unit has a touch of individuality.

Chic decorating, touches of bold color and fabric are used to create and keep that unique individual feeling alive.

Yes, this is what we have strived for here at 30- Suites. The best way to know what we are about is to check it out for yourself.

Come find out, call us today at 850-499-5058